Event Day - Saturday 30th 2021

The Ruby10 - 4 hours Starting 7.00am

      {Approx finish between 10.00 to 11.15am} 10.0km

The Ruby5 - 2 hours Starting 8.40am

      {Approx finish between 10.10 to 11.15am} 5.0km

The Big Ruby - 1.5 hours Starting 9am

      {Approx finish between 10 to 10.40am} 3.8km


The Ruby - 1hr 10min - 2.5km

      Starting 9.15am  {Approx finish between 9.50 to 10.25am }


The Island - 15mins Starting 9.40am - 600m

     {Approx finish between 9.50am to 10.05am on Ruby Island. Water Taxi back to shore}


The Return of the Jetty - 30mins Starting 9.40am - 1.2km

     {Approx finish between 9.56am to 10.15am}


The M!nt Ruby - 10mins Starting 10.20 - 100m to 200m as req'd.

Little Gems - 10mins starting 10.30am - 200m

     {Approx Finish 10.45am}