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Water Safety

Water safety is of paramount importance. It's important for you to know right from the get-go that we take it seriously.

We have in place a series of protocols to ensure that from the most simplest of problems (for instance a mid water mild panic attack) to the worst case scenario,  we have you covered.


We will have plenty of kayak support, SUP's, a small armada of Jet ski's and the main battalion of the Lake Wanaka Coast guard as a minimum.


We have a designated medical drop off zone with clear access to the road for emergencies.


St Johns will be present and on call.


But most importantly we have an autonomous Event Medical Director AND  Water Safety Co-ordinator. This is to ensure the event organisers are not compromised in their decision making due to other factors.


So please, rest assured, take comfort in our level of safety assurance and allow us to keep you safe by following all instructions.






Learn To Swim

We feel that the ability to swim is a right not a privilege and we support swimming for all. It's as important as walking, breathing or riding a skateboard.


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