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The Ruby

2.5km - 1 lap of the island

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The Ruby

Entries capped at 170

This is our centrepiece event of the day. Swimming around Ruby Island is no mean feat and at 2.5km it represents the perfect distance between the half tri distance of 1.9km and the full of 3.8km. It's unique.


This 2.5km swim length allows for those who want to go for it and get after the glittering special winners rings and cash prizes (10% of total entry, money split 50/50 male / female), or enjoy the swim around  what has to be one of the most splendid islands in the country.

This swim, at 2.5km is, either an outright full on power race where you will be pushed to your limit by your peers, or an exciting adventure outing taking in the sights and underwater terrain as you circumnavigate the island.


From the natural start line to the left of the rocky promontory at Waterfall Creek, swim out towards the bouy marker near the Jetty before a sharp left to experience a full lap of the island. The deep clear waters on the west side are neatly juxtaposed to the shallow eastern side. You'll need to keep just wide on the eastern side of the close inland shallows but remember to take in the view looking down the lake towards Wanaka city.


It's satisfying and exhilarating swimming over the underwater cliff at the southern tip of Ruby Island so don't forget to look down and wonder at just how far the cliff face goes down (and exactly where those 2015 rings are...). The straight swim back to the left hand beach finish is well sighted and you can pull hard for a great personal time.


Enjoy this swim!

The Course

The Ruby Rings. Unique each year. Exclusive. Engraved.

Female Ring Winner 2017 - Natasha Flude

2015RubyOpen Rings_Toby Garland.jpg

The Mythical 2015 rings - now at the bottom of the lake. By Toby Garland.


The 2016 rings

By Hayley Inder


The 2017 rings

By Hayley Inder

2018RubyRings_Kate Alterio.jpg

The 2018 rings

By Kate Alterio

2019RubyRings_Kate Alterio.jpg

The 2019 rings

By Kate Alterio


The 2020 rings

By Sisters / Aspiring Jewelry

2021RubyRings_Nicola Whelan.png

The 2021 rings

By Nicola Whelan

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