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The Island

600m all the way to Ruby Island.

Get a lift back!


Entries capped at 40

The Island

The Island is an introduction to open water lake swimming because not everyone can swim a distance in deep water. It freaks some people out !


You get to visit the island under your own steam and you know what? You can jump off the jetty a few times and run about the island looking for 'things' then get a lift back. And ... you are gonna love the boat@!


You will also get the chance to jump off the jetty and get a picture. It's going to be great!


'The Island' is wholly based on the notion of providing an extremely safe environment to push your fears about deep water away - and make real progress in your swim ability supported by a veritable armada of floating friendly people.


The Course

The trip back. All ages. Things to keep you warm included...

What do you think Dad is feeling?

600m - You can do it you can do it.

Ititsy bitsy tiny small no distance away...

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