The Ruby Open Winners Rings 2016

The Ruby Open winners rings for 2016. Shown here in their natural habitat. White Bronze sitting atop actual island stones and bathing in actual Lake Wanaka water. Beautifully engraved and awaiting fast owners. One Woman; One Man.

The Legend of The Ruby Rings

Last years The Ruby Open winners rings were consigned to the deep of the lake, because on the day, it was the lake who won. Here's the story...

Adam Walker Series for The Ruby Swim

Psychology of open water swimming - how to combat the nerves Beat pre-swim jitters When I initially decided to swim the English Channel I didn’t have any open water experience and I didn’t know what was needed to achieve it. It was a daunting task combatting the nerves and learning how to mentally cope with swimming in open water with no walls, not being able to stand up, exposed to the elements of water temperature, wind and choppy seas. Each time I swam I became more confident, learning about the power of the mind and keeping calm. Here are my top tips for combatting the nerves when swimming in open water. 1. Swimming with a group of people will divert your mind away from any negative conc

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