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Minimum Age Requirements & Rules

 • If you are under the minimum age for a given event, you must apply to take part. This requires you to submit written consent by a parent/guardian or a written recommendation from your swim coach. You must receive written approval (email or text) from the Race Administration in response to your application and with that will be the age unlock code which will allow you to complete registration.

 • Underage competitors will be required to tow an inflated safety buoy ; this helps identify them to safety marshals and provides some emergency flotation if required. Buoys must be presented for inspection at registration. They are available for purchase via The Ruby Fresh store and we suggest you practice wearing it prior to the event. We will have a number of tow buoys available to borrow on the day should you not wish to purchase.


 • Underage competitors may be pulled from the Event if the Race Swim Marshall's believe that the conditions are unsafe. This could mean that the Event will still proceed for competitors who meet the age minimums.


 • An adult swimmer may accompany an underage competitor, provided that they are able to stay within reach of their charge. Escort swimmers must follow the rules and guidelines as established for all other competitors.             


Event - Age minimum

Little Gems 200m - 6 – 11 years old (no one under 6 will be allowed to take part)

The Island 600m - 12 years

The Return Of The Jetty 1.2km - 14 years

The Ruby 2.5km - 14 years

The Big Ruby 3.8km - 16 years

The Ruby5 5km - 16 years.

The Ruby10 10km - 16 years.

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