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The Return of The Jetty

1.2km to the island and back

Sponsored by

TROT Jetty

Entries capped at 100


It was the 25th anniversary of Star Wars not so long back so we named this race to commemorate that. Why not? And with such great feedback we decided to keep it...


This has the potential to be a short but extremely fun sprint to the island and return back to shore with the added element of taking style points (and getting your best Xtreme Photo Ever) as you dive off the end of The Jetty to make the trip home.


Starting from the best natural start / finish line there ever was, at Waterfall Creek, a solid 600m swim across the channel separating the island from the mainland will see you approaching The Jetty from the left hand side.


Clamber out onto the small beach, run around onto the jetty and take a running leap to sprint back.


Have fun on this one and remember - Don't Trip!      More Fun HERE

The Course

The Ruby Swim | The Jetty

Your Style, Your Way.

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