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The Ruby Big Swims

10km - 4 laps of The Ruby course

The Ruby10

10km Marathon

Entries capped at 60

The Ruby10

10km Marathon

5km - 2 laps of The Ruby course

The Ruby5

5km South Island

Entries capped at 70

The Ruby10

10km Marathon

The OA Ruby10 Sponsored by:

Open Archtecture | The Ruby Swim

The Central Vision Ruby5 Sponsored by:

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The Course

The Ruby Big Swims - Longer swims because it's 'On Trend' LOL...

The South Island long swims. A longer challenge. Marathon lengths.

The swims will run in parallel with each other, NOT sequentially. You can only enter the one event, not like Taupo in the Epic Epic series, one after the other.


We are not using FINA rules. We will use Ruby rules:

Age groups + overall fastest times.

Pink & White swim caps.

Wetsuit or 'Skin'.

We have a structure / jetty just offshore from the start line for feeding station purposes, accessed from the rocky promontory.

You can touch it / hold onto it as you wish, or access the side and stand if you wish. You won't be able to touch the lake floor at the deep end for the purists.

Your support person can be based on land and access the feed station as you approach. Bring Binoculars.

The structure will only be for Ruby Big Swim swimmers and support crew.

Start times from 7.00am giving the first swimmers going out 1.5 hour in the water before the next race. Bliss.

Cut off time will be 11.30am'ish in the vicinity of the southern tip of the island allowing approx 4 hours 30 mins to complete and back to shore. E.g. if you are on the western or northern sides of the island at 11.30am you will probably get pulled.

Prizegiving for 1st, 2nd, 3rd best time - Male & Female.

Plus special prizes for 'Skins'.


Wetsuits are optional. Open water ocean rules still have no wetsuit mandatory even in waters to 12°C.

'No Wetsuit / Skins' rules HERE.

We will advise on lake temperature right up til the day, but it will be for each person to make their own decision.


  • Water temperature can vary from 14°C (hopefully not less) to 18°C and even slightly higher. Be Prepared. Be Realistic.

For 4 x 2.5km laps

Time: 2.25 - 4 hours

Start time:  7.00am

For 2 x 2.5km laps

Time: 1 - 2.5 hours

Start time: 8.30am

Official Cut off at 4.5 hours'ish.

Be at or close to the southern tip of the island by 11.30am + the 15 mins back to shore. We are pretty flexible on the cut off time in order for you to achieve your goal.

Questions?  email:

The Ruby 10k Swim course
The Ruby10k
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