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The M!nt Ruby

100m - 200m as required, finishing on the red carpet, with everyone else.

M!nt Gems

The Ruby Swim created a new event for 2020 catered to those with intellectual disabilities and those that have additional needs. The event will be an altered 100m course, or the swimmer can opt to do the 200m course as to their needs.

All participants leave with a crystal trophy.

Volunteers will be present to assist in the water.

The event start time will be 10:30am but entrants must register before 9.30am (or previously on-line).

Local Wanaka group "M!NT Charitable Trust" who aim to create brighter futures for those with additional needs will be the guiding hand in the set up and the on-the-day action.


Visit them in the M!NT Tent on site. 

Everyone deserves a chance to have a go, whether you love splashing around in the water, are a complete fish or might just pop your toes in - it is going to be a great day and we hope to see you all down at the lake on the big day. 

We accept on the day entries for this event to be as flexible as possible.

The Course

200m or start at far end for half distance at 100m


The inaugural M!nt Ruby 2020


Emma Pierce and Team No 1


Scotty. Everyone knows Scotty!

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