The greatest little swim race in the world !


Marathon lake swimming is the Next Big Thing. This is the South Islands only 10km swim. Experience the sensation of going over the edge of the underwater cliff... Four times!

One of our new swim lengths at 7.5km, brought to life after some feedback over the past two years. This is three laps of The Ruby course.

5km - It's not a long way. Is it? But it's enough. Well, it's all about your perspective as it will be plenty for some.

Training for something big, hairy & audacious? A full distance Ironman - test yourself over 3.8km with two laps of the Island. Gauge your speed and find your place.

This is what it's all about!

One iconic 2.5km lap around the Island with cash prizes and ring bling for the very fast. 'Our' race. A swim race like no other.

The Return of The Jetty | The Ruby Swim

You'll love this! 1.2km. Swim to The Jetty at Ruby Island, then take a running leap off it to start the swim home! Best picture of the day. Don't trip...

It's the ultimate destination swim. Conquer the crossing to the Island and we'll give you a boat ride back. It's an awe inspiring 600m. Enjoy the view...

C'mon Kids! No wetsuit required! But watchout between your toes - eeewwwhhh eels! (not really...)

The 200m swim is the stepping stone to more.

Swim perfection in Lake Wanaka

Experience the thrill and beauty of an adventurous circumnavigation of Ruby Island in Lake Wanaka. Image: